Au furry et à mesure

So apparently Scarlett Johansson is set to play Kaa in Disney’s new Jungle Book film.

Kipling’s original work only had like 1 female animal main character so a little gender-changing is in dire need anyway. And it’d be a shame to get rid of that Bagheera & Baloo gay dads dynamic. So after initial hesitation, I’m actually quite pleased.

And female pythons are generally bigger so 'eyyyyy.


Disney cats - Bagheera & Shere Khan

oh my God

oh my God

☆.•*´¨`*•x~♥~x I Support Kaa Being Single x~♥~x•*´¨`*•.


The Jungle Book (Film, 1967)

Interestingly, Frozen is not Disney’s only DVD/Blu-ray release this week. The Jungle Book 2 is getting its Blu-ray debut about a month after its predecessor got its own Blu-ray debut and Diamond Edition re-release. Since the sequel doesn’t have any bondage of its own to speak of, here’s some from the original! And some hypnosis, too, because why not? Yay snakes!

Well…? You heard the snake!

Well…? You heard the snake!

So after a few people mirrored my disappointment that the film sequence here doesn’t allow a perfect loop, I tried my hand at simultaneously editing Kaa’s tail, Shere Khan’s body, and Khan’s tail as three seperate loops and trying not to get too confused. I am hot shit.

Now you can enjoy your endlessly entranced Shere Khan!

Made a couple of gifs of our friend’s swaying tail!


The Jungle Book is probably my favorite animated Disney movie (along with 101 Dalmatians). I love the characters and music in Jungle Book. The personalities nearly jump off the page in these story sketches.

More amazing concept art