Au furry et à mesure


A sticker set that I did in collaboration with a Singaporean Stickers-As-A-Service company PicoCandy. Basically it means that for applications like Whatsapp or Line or Facebook Chat, you can purchase stickers created by your favourite artists. I’m not sure when their store officially opens, but the website for it is up. Will inform you guys in the future!

So apparently Scarlett Johansson is set to play Kaa in Disney’s new Jungle Book film.

Kipling’s original work only had like 1 female animal main character so a little gender-changing is in dire need anyway. And it’d be a shame to get rid of that Bagheera & Baloo gay dads dynamic. So after initial hesitation, I’m actually quite pleased.

And female pythons are generally bigger so 'eyyyyy.

i just utilize “questionable” as a tag B)

Good shout!


Digital studies, trying to get a good feel for tigers. These are the tidier ones. Mostly done off of deviantart stock photos I looked up under the ‘newest’ section.

Sometimes there are things I can’t decide whether are appropriate to reblog to my SFW or my NSFW account so I leave them in another tab while I think it over and then just never reblog

*salty tears cascade down my face*


Boa constrictor by Jaime Culebras on Flickr.


These are fascinating sculptures done by Robert Cannon . He calls the work Terraform Sculpture. TERRAFORM (literally, “Earth-shaping”) the process of deliberate modification of the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to those of Earth to make it habitable by humans. While in Robert’s case, he uses concrete and mosses with most of his creations.


Hi, this is my horn point chopper cosplay! :)Taken at sakura-con 2014!


Hi, this is my horn point chopper cosplay! :)
Taken at sakura-con 2014!